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Firewood Prices

The City of Calgary, Alberta has a vast resource of firewood.

Calgary, Alberta.


Firewood Prices

Customers in Calgary Alberta can expect to pay between $400-800 for a full 4x4x8 cord of firewood depending on the quality of seasoning, species and distance of delivery. Occasionally buyers can find deals on Craigslist or Kijiji however they run the risk of receiving a pour quality load with no refund. Also most craigslist vendors offer poor quality firewood delivered in the back of a truck. As gas prices continue to rise, one can expect firewood prices to rise as well.

The Best Season to Buy Firewood

In most areas of Canada, it is highly suggested to purchase your firewood during the early months of spring. This will give your firewood plenty of time to season over the summmer and help avoid unseasoned wood. If you are lucky enough to live in an area served by the Canada Firewood Network, it is best to simply keep an eye for online specials that might come up. If you are not from Calgary and are looking for firewood ,our partners at the Canada Firewood Network aim to provide the same awesome quality service and firewood we offer however species of wood can vary depending on what is available.

Consequences of Buying Illegal Firewood

Harvesting firewood illegally may result in charges of theft under the Canadian Criminal Code of Canada.

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