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Fire Safety

Have your fire extinguisher checked by a professional yearly.

Make sure your fire extinguisher is up to date and functional.

Fire Safety Tips

Nothing beats heating your home with firewood during the holiday season. The smell, the ambiance and the simple comforting feeling it brings to a room are priceless. Having a fire in your home also brings some potential dangers if you don’t maintain your fireplace and chimney. Be sure to take the proper precautions to insure your family is safe this burning season.

Have your chimney professionally cleaned at least once per year. During the spring and summer months, birds, bats and other debris can collect in your chimney.

If you are in an emergency situation a fire extinguisher could be your last chance at stopping a fire in your home. Be sure to purchase a few of them and place them around your home in areas such as your kitchen, front room, laundry room and so on.

Burn quality seasoned firewood only. Wet or unseasoned firewood creates large quantities of creosote that line the walls of your fireplace and chimney. This is a very serious fire hazard.


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